Gettysburg to DC

A 200 mile team relay from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC

Want to experience a 200 mile adventure along a beautiful course designed by runners for runners? Do you have 2 - 11 friends? Do you enjoy supporting other runners and local charities? Then the American Odyssey Relay Run Adventure may be for you!

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Don't Just Run A Relay... Experience An Odyssey!
n. a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences and hardships.

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This is the first year I have ran in a relay and I can say confidently that it will not be my last. You and your tean did an outstanding job in the organization and preparation of the race. With so many individuals, vehicles, and variable factors I am extremely impressed.    Dan H.
This was by far the best relay you have put on. I was runner 7 and it started raining while I was out there. Once I was wet - I was wet. We actually all laughed about it once the 3 of us that got drenched became dry again.    "Team 24 Cheeks to the Wind" - Runner 7
The AEI team has such great memories and a truly incredible experience every year. Thank you for your vision, leadership and incredible hard work to make this event happen!    Jason Bertsch
Thank you for putting on such a spectacular event! The memories and experiences from this past weekend I will cherish for years to come. I had the privilege of completing leg 6 this weekend and I am requesting the beer glass which you are so graciously offering!    Freddy L.
As of Friday morning, I was still wondering what in the world I'd gotten myself into, but now I'm a relay convert I had an awesome team (Go Daughters (+1 son) of Rest -- and of Green Tutus! Cheers to American Odyssey Relay 2014!    Caroline M.
Things you might encounter on this "adventure": Cow bells, Freddy (the mascot), silly moments, priceless memories!!    Brenda H.
This is an incredibly well run relay thru some amazingly scenic portions of PA, MD, WV, VA and DC!    J Neely
The Mostly Middle-Aged Maniacs had a great time! And thanks to all the other teams who showed the true spirit of teamwork. You offered water, snacks, and (most importantly) encouragement through your windows driving by and in person at the exchanges.    John H.
The saddest moment of American Odyssey Relay - cleaning off the van after 30 hours of pure fun in it! The BTR Badasses had a blast, thanks to Bob Fleshner, the staff, and especially the volunteers for everything!    Lauren E.
200 miles with my sisters in crime... too much fun! Thanks American Odyssey Relay!    Jean B.
This year we had team members come in from San Antonio, Atlanta, Nashville, and Philadelphia to participate. I think that is a testament to the quality of the event you and your team have put together.    George R.
This is my FAVORITE event!! And you are a GREAT race director. Your sense of humor about it all is wonderful... And, still being able to command everyone's respect and lay down the rules. Best event ever!!!    Jamie